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I don’t believe anything is possible, but I do believe you can find possibility in anything.

I am a sincere believer that people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes, it’s because we need a shoulder. Sometimes, it’s because we need someone who understands us. Sometimes, it’s simply to feel: to be angry, to be in love, to be inspired. Throughout our lives we want different things, we need different things. I’m often amazed at how people enter our lives accordingly. This also applies to those we have been a relationship with. When you are in a relationship with someone, you share yourself. You open up and give them a little piece of you. They were meant to have that piece, as you were meant to accept a piece of them. A lot of times, problems arise and two people don’t end up working out. A lot of times, the two don’t communicate anymore. I believe that when we end a relationship with someone, we can never be as close to them as we were before. Part of you is broken. Part of them is broken. And that’s okay, because they were there for the parts of your life that they needed to be. Sometimes we get lucky enough to find a friendship in someone that we’ve loved but that’s rare. When hearts feel so strongly and so deeply, it’s hard to say, “Dear heart, change now. Feel less.” In the end, that little piece that you gave to them was never returned, it’s kept safe, just like you keep the piece they gave you safe. And you don’t need to call each other everyday or talk like your best friends. Because when we lose someone, there is always a part of them that we’ll get to keep. Love never leaves. Nor does it die. Love has an appropriate time & place.
And sometimes love needs to be tucked away, and simply remembered.
Jenna Anne 9/28/10

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